a series of political education publications on the relationship between USC, the prison industrial complex, and abolition.

Issue #4.

No Longer Filed Away: Abolition, Sexual Violence, and the University

Our fourth issue addresses the sexual violence that is systemic at USC, as well as across the U.S. and the world. As abolitionists, we recognize that harm will always happen; people will harm and peoples will be harmed. We believe it is our responsibility to attempt to lessen those incidents of harm and have non-carceral systems in place to address them when they do happen. The zine is designed as a toolkit to serve USC students, thought we hope it can also support other university students and others in trying to address sexual violence in Los Angeles.

Issue #3.

Abolitionist Pedagogy: the Classroom as Liberatory Practice

Our third issue highlights practices and methods that we, as members of the classroom, could adopt and augment to challenge the normative logics of the classroom and to foreground the life-giving and socially-sustaining possibilities of education. We bring together learnings from our “The Classroom as Liberatory Practice” workshop series, especially as they relate to ongoing or aspirational aspects of how classrooms can resist carcerality and the prison industrial complex.

Issue #2.

Carceral Infrastructures and the University

Our second issue responds to and rejects the DPS recommendations advanced by the Community Advisory Board, which we connect to broader carceral logics that undergirds the university’s operations. We then analyze the architecture of insecurity that manifests in the fencing and walls that divide USC from the surrounding South Central communities. We then conclude with our vision for an abolitionist pedagogy.

Cover page of Abolish DPS. White title on a black background with a collage of abolitionist art overlaid on images of USC DPS.

Issue #1.

Abolish DPS: Envisioning a #PoliceFreeUSC

Our first issue uncovers the link between the prison industrial complex and the University of Southern California, most visibly manifested in its Department of Public Safety (DPS). We also introduce our vision for abolition at USC.

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